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Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

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150 years of the birth of Emil Nestor Setälä, researcher of the Finnish language

Setälä vuonna 1964 julkaistussa postimerkissä. Oikeassa alakulmassa Setälän suvun tunnettu puumerkki Z.Encouraged by his teacher Arvid Genetz, at the age of 16 Setälä on his own initiative wrote the first grammar of the Finnish language based on German-language sources. More...

Iconic Finnish ferry Finnjet was honoured with dedicated stamπ designs

FinnjetItella Posti Oy released a miniature sheet of two postage stamp designs on 17 March featuring the iconic Finnish ferry Finnjet. The Finnjet operated between Helsinki and Travemünde, Germany, from 1977 until 2008. More...

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