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News, 11/27/2016

Christmas stamps through an artwork competition

The Christmas greeting for Finland has been designed by Sari Airola from Helsinki and the domestic stamp by Sini Ezer from Espoo. The Christmas-themed stamps for this year are the result of an artwork competition arranged by Posti and the Finnish Association of Illustrators (Kuvittajat ry).


“To me, one of the most important aspects of Christmas is friendship and caring for others. I wanted my stamp design to conjure up friendship and warmth. I selected classic Finnish Christmas characters, a reindeer and an elf. My stamp design depicts the friendship between the two characters during a Christmas trip”, Airola says about the Run my reindeer stamp.



“The theme of the Girl and squirrel stamp is the joy of sharing. My aim was to depict a traditional Christmas atmosphere while introducing a new, fresh element through layout and coloring”, Ezer says about the Girl and squirrel stamp.

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